Entity-Relationship Modeling

Foundations of Database Technology


Bernhard Thalheim

Springer, Berlin 2000
ISBN 3-540-65470-4

Database technology and (ER) entity-relationship modeling have meanwhile reached the level of an established techology. Modern conceptual modeling is going far beyond specification of structural aspects of applications. The book presents the achievements of research in this field in a comprehensive survey. It deals with the ER model and its extensions with regards to an integrated development and modeling of database applications and, consequently,
specification of structures, semantics, functionality, database maintenance, and human-computer interaction,
and further adaptation to the DBMS on the basis of flexible translation procedures to various logical and physical database models.
Thus, the book allows complete specification of information systems and goes far beyond the features which provide object-oriented models. It is shown that all this is based on a matured theory. Therefore, it allows to omit pitfalls of object-oriented or UML-based development.

Further useful information:
  1. You can order the book directly using the Springer webpage. This page offers Springer authors a discount of 33 % for the book.
  2. Slides for short introduction to the extended entity-relationship model, applications and database modeling
    (for teaching and as a companion of the HERM book)
  3. Article introducing the extended ER model
  4. Short article explaining the main concepts of the HERM
  5. References to the community of ER researchers (more than 1000 names)
  6. Reference to the next Entity-Relationship Conference on Conceptual Modeling (there are also references to previous conferences ER99, ER98, ER97, ER96, ...)
  7. Table of contents of the book

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