Collections of most recent papers by Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Bernhard Thalheim

Chair Information Systems Engineering

I have had the goal to reach the big THREE until my 60th birthday: (3, 30, 300) (3 (habilitations; full profs among my studient; books as monographs; co-founder of a conference series; developer of new study programs), 30 (PhD students; editorials; projects; PC co-chair at international conferences; new courses and modules), 300 (diploma- or master- or bachelor theses; per reviewed papers; talks at colloquia, conference or keynotes; member in international program committees; credit equivalent of courses I developed)). I reached the big THREE long before the deadline.
I am optimistic to reach the big FOUR until my retirement.

Collections of some recent papers: others:
see my research site on RADD, Interactive systems, Foundations of object-orientation and other research.

Many research papers have been developed in collaboration with colleagues. An incomplete list of my more than 100 co-authors you will find clicking on the list of my partners .

The collection of talks I have been giving recently can be accessed at the web page .

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