Entity-Relationship Modeling
Foundations of Database Technology

Bernhard Thalheim, Springer, Heidelberg, February 2000,

ISBN 3-540-65470-4

Slides for short introduction to the extended entity-relationship model, applications and database modeling
(for teaching and as a companion of the HERM book)

  1. A short primer on the higher order-entity-relationship model
    see also ER modeling in a nutshell
  2. Codesign of structures, behavior and interaction on the basis of the higher-order entity-relationship model
    (tutorial during ER'98)(zip-file with all corresponding slides including applications to internet information services)
  3. OLAP, data warehouses and HERM views
    (talk at ER'99)(ps.gz file, pdf.gz file)
  4. Logics and database modeling
    (invited talk at ICLP'99; comparing database models, brief introduction to extended ER models, ER constraints, research gaps) (ps.gz file, pdf.gz file)
  5. Semantical constraints in ER models (see also problems and achievements of the theory of relational constraints (ps.gz file, pdf.gz file)
  6. Development of sophisticated database-backed internet information services
    (tutorial during SCCC'98) (ps.gz file, pdf.gz file)
  7. Applications of the ER theory (ER in brief, structures, operations, semantics, tools (ps.gz file, pdf.gz file))
  8. Some slides with sample schemata (ps.gz file)
    Some slides providing a brief introduction to ER modeling in German

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