M2P@ADBIS 2019

Modelling is going to become Programming

-- Models to Programs --

ADBIS 2019, September 8-11, 2019
Bled - Slovenia

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Deadline workshop paper submission: May 17, 2019

Workshop in collaboration with 
The 23rd European Conference on Advances in Databases and Information Systems

ADBIS 2019
Bled - Slovenia, September 8-11, 2019

Programming has become a technique for everybody, especially for non-computer scientists. Programs became an essential part of modern infrastructure. Programming is nowadays a socio-material practice in most disciplines of science and engineering. Programs of the future must be understandable by all parties involved, must be accurate and precise enough for the task they support, and must support reasoning and controlled realisation and evolution at all levels of abstraction.

The workshop will discuss novel approaches to programming based on modelling approaches such as model-driven development (MDE, MDA, MDD) and conceptual-model programming and their future developments. In future, application engineers and scientists are going to develop and to use models instead of programming in the old style. A model may combine several facets at the same time and may thus have its structure where some facets support specific purposes and functions. A model is a well-formed, adequate, and dependable instrument that represents origins and that functions in utilisation scenarios. Its criteria of  well-formedness, adequacy, and dependability must be commonly accepted by its CoP within some context and correspond to the functions that a  model fulfils in utilisation scenarios. The model should be well-formed  according to some well-formedness criterion. As an instrument or more specifically an artefact a model comes with its background that is often given only in an implicit and hidden form and not explicitly explained.

The list of workshop topics

  • notions of models that can be understood and used as programs
  • models-at-runtime
  • advanced conceptual modelling
  • conceptual-model programming
  • modelling foundation
  • transformation of models to programs
  • model suites/ensembles for programmers
  • modelling as the first step to programming and its revisions
  • advanced model-driven programming and software modernisation
  • modelling in applications


Important Dates:

Workshop paper submission: May 17th 2019

Workshop paper acceptance notification: June 10th 2019

Workshop paper camera ready: June 23rd 2019

Workshops: September 8th 2019

Main Conference: September 8-11th 2019


Ajantha Dahanayake (Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland)  Ajantha.Dahanayake@lut.fi
Bernhard Thalheim (Christian Albrechts University, Germany)  thalheim@is.informatik.uni-kiel.de


Witold Abramowicz (Poznan University of Economics, Poland)
Igor Fjodorov (Russian economic Plekhanov university, Russia)
Elyar Gasanov (Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia)
Holger Giese (Hasso Plattner Institute, Germany)
Heinrich C. Mayr (Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt, Austria)
John Mylopoulos (University of Toronto, Canada)
Bernhard Rumpe (RWTH Aachen University, Germany)
Veda C. Storey (Georgia State University, USA)
Klaus-Dieter Schewe (Zhejiang University, China)


September 8th, 2019, half-day

Important notes

  1. The editors STRONGLY ENCOURAGE submissions in Latex. Having Latex papers would ease the process of producing the volume. Nonetheless, papers prepared in other word processing software are also welcome.
  2. ALL ADBIS Workshops papers must be prepared according to the CCIS template and Springer paper preparation rules, see: https://www.springer.com/gp/computer-science/lncs/conference-proceedings-guidelines
  3. The number of pages of a workshop paper must be between 6 and 12.
    Workshop paper submission: *May 17*
    Workshop paper acceptance notification: *June 10*
    Workshop paper camera ready: *June 23*
  5. The deadline for receiving camera ready papers, for ALL ADBIS workshops, is STRICT – *June 23, 2019*.

List of accepted papers for M2P @ ADBIS 2019 (Sept. 8, 2019, Bled, Slovenia)

1 Jiri Musto and Ajantha Dahanayake Transforming object-oriented model to a web interface using XSLT information on submission
2Valentino Vranic and Adam NeupauerAbstract Layers and Generic Elements as a Basis for Expressing Multidimensional Software Knowledge
8Igor Fiodorov and Alexander SotnikovModel Suite and Model Set In Software Development
10Elena Ravve and Katerina KorenblatAutomatic Code Generator for Screen Based Systems
11Manal Yahya and Ajantha DahanayakeA Model-Driven Needs Based Augmented Reality: From Model to Program
12András J. Molnár and Bernhard ThalheimUsage Models Mapped to Programs
13Tomas Jonsson and Håkan EnquistPhenomenological Framework for Model Enabled Enterprise Information Systems
18Isabelle Wattiau and Jacky AkokaQuery-Based Reverse Engineering of Graph Databases – A Case of Program to Model Engineering
19Michal Kopecký and Peter VojtasGraphical E-Commerce Values Filtering Model in Spatial Database Framework
20Nikolay SkvortsovFormalizing Requirement Specifications for Problem Solving in a Research Domain