1. Modeling

    INtegrated DYnamic decision support system COmponent for disaster management systems

    • Adaptive, flexible support of operations management in disaster situations, e.g. flood, alpine dangers, storms
    • Integrated sensor-based data collection and processing in disaster situations
    • Derivation of support processes and decisions for the solution of problems in disaster situations

  3. Development of self-adaptive e-learning platforms (DaMiT)
    with an adaption on

    • learners,
    • existing content,
    • learning story,
    • learning process,
    • learning environment and
    • learning didactics

    with flexible scenarios for authors of learning packages.

  4. System for simple acquisition, storage and management of information systems (SESAM)
    providing web-based services and enabling in automatic adaptation of the system and the screen play to the roles and rights of the actual user, to the current workflow and to the currently available and accessible data.

    Application in projects:

    • e-Democracy-supporter for intelligent management of meeting, documents used during meetings, and communication among meeting parties and partners for representatives, inhabitants and everybody interested in current polical life
    • Content management system enabling in automatic renowal and recharging of large websites depending on the change of the basic data
    • City and region information systems, e.g., the city information system of the town Cottbus 
    • Group and community websites

    Presentation of the system at the international computer fair CeBIT 2002

  5. Merging media such as internet, TV and information systems
    towards a customer-oriented mit set-top-box based system for

    • TV bundle depending on profile of interest
    • Electronic companion and journal with adaptation and reminder facilities
    • Video, cinema and radio on demand and on profile
    • Internet on passion, profile of interest and last recently usage history

    Presentation and implementations in the set-top-box system Cottbus interaktiv

  6. Rapid Application and Database Development (RADD)
    on the basis of an extended entity relationship model HERM
    aiming in developing a prototype workbench with components for

    • automatic adaptation to the user and to the specific properties of the application,
    • natural language acquisition of structure, semantics, functionality, and interaction,
    • intelligent acquisition of integrity constraints,
    • conceptual optimization and conceptual tuning, and
    • transformation of/from HERM-schemata to/from relational, network, hierarchical and DBPL schemata

    DFG project (1991-1997) performed together with colleagues from the universities of Aachen, Dresden, Münster and Rostock
    Exhibition during CeBIT 1995

  7. Dynamic Environmental Databases (Denda)
    Environmental database of the BTU innovation colleg with three components

    • meta database on other projects, on experimental areas, on methods for measuring and data analysis
    • selection of representative areas
    • integration of chemical, physical, geological data for data analysis

    and with intelligent interfaces of high usability
    Project as a part of the DFG innovation colleg (1995-1999) together with collegues of the Faculty 4 of BTU Cottbus and other research institutions

  8. Online community information system Cottbusnet
    with services for

    • tourists,
    • booking,
    • inhabitant information and
    • with e-commerce solutions

    Industrial project (1995-1999) together with local small companies
    Exhibition at Hannover Fair 1997 by a prototype
    Enhancement at Cottbus - interaktiv project
    Exhibition at CeBIT 1999 with the complete system

  9. Dialogue management systems
    in the DFG graduate college Berlin-Brandenburger Gradiertenkollegs "Distributed information systems"

  10. Online databases FuEline
    Online registration of research and development capacity of small companies in eastern Germany
    BMBF project (1993-97) together with companies (Verband Innovativer Unternehmen, Infoware GmbH, Schulte-Hillen BdU) and the chair of Production Technology at BTU Cottbus;
    Exhibition at Hannover Fair 1995, at CeBIT 1996 and at Leipzig Fair 1996.

  11. Object-oriented frontends for relational databases (POLAR)
    Development of a SmallTalk based object-oriented frontend with relational backends
    Industrial project (1993-97) with IBL Ingenieurbüro Letters GmbH
    Exhibition at DevCon 95

  12. Intelligent dispatcher(Template)


  13. Component-based reuse of database designs

  14. Town and regional information services (LIM)

  15. Adaption mechanism for information services
    Adaption-mechanisms development for internet services, allows to deduce adaption-tools by tasks specification of an internet application, user profile specification and specification of available technology incl. the capacity of communication channels to ensure automatic adaption of internet services to users as well as actual technical capabilities.

  16. Smart card project
    Database based service supports data input and modifications by each student. It's based on an internet solution resp. based on smart cards (joint project with external partners).

  17. University calendar
    Database solution for planning, building and care a university calendar for BTU-Cottbus.