Lectures profile - offline

Lectures profile - online


(DB I) Database Systems I - basics

(4+2) (with internship) (alternating with Prof. H.-J. Klein)

(DB III) Database Technology and -programming


(DB IV) Theory of Information Systems

(2+2) or (4+2) (alternating with Prof. H.-J. Klein) (with different orientation)

(DB V) Distributed Information Systems

(2+2) or (4+2) (mostly by Prof. H.-J. Klein)

(IntellIS) Intelligent Information Systems

(2+2) or (4+2) (alternating with Prof. H.-J. Klein) (with different orientation)

(AnwendIS) Information System Applications

(2+2) or (4+2) (alternating with Prof. H.-J. Klein) (with different orientation)

  • applications in bioinformatics, chemoinformatics, crystallography,
    computer science in economics and engineering;
  • embedded, integrated Information Systems;
  • Design of intelligent, information-intensive systems

(InfoDienste) Internet-Information services

(2+2) or (4+2) distributed Internet-applications


Further lectures at CAU

Computer science foundation course:

  • Computer science II (algorithms and data structures)
  • Computer science III (software-engineering)

Computer science main course:

  • Artificial intelligence,
  • Middleware,
  • Non-classical Logics,
  • Problem solving strategies,
  • Theory of programming languages,
  • Web-databases,
  • WebSite-Development,
  • Intelligent Information Systems,
  • Programming multimedia-based desktops,
  • Knowledge-based systems,
  • Information system applications

Service-lectures for Engineers and Certificate Database- and Information System Technology for Engineers:

in one of three options depending on project:

  • Inside the Faculty of Engineering, in particular Information Systems for materials science
  • With enconomic science, in particular business information systems and SAP R/3-applications
  • With biologists/chemists/physicans within the scope of bioinformatics/chemoinformatics

with the goal to establish a post graduate program for

  • Design of intelligent, information-intensive systems
  • Design of business applications
  • Intelligent systems of bioinformatics/chemoinformatics