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1st International Workshop on Geometric Objects in Databases and Information Systems
September 19-23, 2011, Vienna, Austria

In recent years, there are increasing demands from applications to store, process and manage geometric objects. Applications that use geometric objects include geographical information system (GIS), environmental management, urban planning, transportation, land use management, CAD-CAM, architecture science, visual perception and autonomous navigation, tracking and medical imaging. The GeoDBIS workshop tries to bring together researchers in the areas of data and information systems who work on aspects of geometric objects. In particular, the workshop seeks original contributions and practical experiences of modeling, managing and utilizing geometric objects in databases and information systems, fostering interdisciplinary discussions in all aspects of handling geometric objects in databases and information systems. Topics of research papers can be the following:

The GeoDBIS workshop is co-located with ADBIS 2011 (15th East-European Conference on Advances in Databases & Information Systems)