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Workshop Program - Sunday 3th July 2011

session I (08:40 - 10:00)

session chair: Bernhard Thalheim

  • Egon Börger: The Problem of Semantics of Business Processes
    (responder: )
  • Bjoern Kralemann, Claas Lattmann: Models as Signs "A Semantical Theory of Science Approach"
    (responder: )

session II (10:30 - 12:00)

session chair: Klaus-Dieter Schewe

  • Bernhard Thalheim: Revisiting the theory of integrity constraints
    (responder: )
  • Roland Hausser: Linguistic foundations of semantics
    (responder: )

session III 14:00 - 16:00

session chair:

  • Alvaro Cortes Calabuig, Jan Paredaens: Constraints in RDF
    (responder: )
  • Steven Hegner: Alternative minimal completion
    (responder: )
  • Hendrik Decker: Maintenance of integrity constraints
    (responder: )

session IV 16:30 - 17:50

session chair: Hendrik Decker

  • Edward Hermann Haeusler: Proof theory and systems for deduction
    (responder: )
  • Klaus-Dieter Schewe, Qing Wang: Database Transformations with Functional Data
    (responder: )

Full Conference Program (ICALP 2011)

Conference program page of ICALP 2011