Technologies for Quality Management in Challenging Applications
Sep 7, 2014, Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia

The TQMCA workshop is co-located with ADBIS 2014 (18th East-European Conference on Advances in Databases and Information Systems).

Topics of Interest

  1. Quality of big data:
    integratability, coherence, veracity technologies, variety handling techniques, volume-prone techniques, velocity-supporting means, e.g. for environment, business, scientific, health care data;
  2. Mobile data quality:
    real-time, actual, trustworthy, functional techniques;
  3. Data quality in the clouds:
    reliability, 60-60-24-7 services, privacy-supporting, security-supporting techniques, misuse protection, safe data exchange in the cloud, ownership protection;
  4. Development of quality services:
    reliability of information and data used, usability of services, trustworthiness, usage
  5. Flexible quality-aware modelling:
    quality-adaptable models, metadata for quality management;
  6. Schema and programm quality:
    usability, usefulness, functionality

Scientific Summary

Quality data and quality management has been a database research issue already at the beginning of database technology. Quality is well kept in classical applications such as bank information systems, insurance information systems, and enterprise information systems. Quality is still a difficult issue for distributed or web information systems.

Modern applications challenge however quality management in several dimensions:
Big data applications require other algorithms for quality management, e.g. for integration, provenance, recharge, and coherence. Stream data applications require sophisticated cleansing, aggregation, and collection. Biological and medical applications require effective linking in a variety of ways for heterogeneous data massives. Mass services require different storage mechanisms and better retrieval beyond the classical approach, at the same time with other quality characteristics. Open data projects and scientific data are continuously evolving and challenging current technology by privacy and security demands, by metadata management and by quality-aware data management. Mobile data applications defy existing applications with real-time requirements.

The classical quality research is thus challenged to revise existing solutions, to develop completely novel approaches and technologies, and to entirely integrate quality management into information system management. Quality management must thus be renovated in order to accept these challenges.

Relevance of the workshop topic to ADBIS 2014

ADBIS has been a forum that covers all three sides of database and information systems research: theory, modelling and development, and technology. This coverage is currently only maintained by the large database conferences. It is one of the smaller conferences that attracts researchers from all over the world while covering all three areas. The size of the conference is very convenient for an intensive exchange of ideas and for a lively discussion.

Quality management is a perspective research field. It was mainly restricted in the past to modelling issues. Nowadays it becomes however a technology issue as well. In the future - especially due to analyses applied to the data - it will also be a theory issue. It becomes more important in new fields such as big data, crowd-sourcing, stream databases. These applications highly depend on cleansing and purging from one side and completion and harmonisation from the other side.

Quality issues have a high potential for a future mainstream topic in database and information systems technology. They are already partially covered within the general call. We want to consider in this workshop however the technological challenges in novel application areas.