Workshop Modelware 16.02.2018 - 17.02.2018



 16. Februar 2018,



 17. Februar 2018,



HRS3, 408a


supported by Opens external link in new windowGenicore AB, AMEIS.SE


H. Enquist (Göteborgs Universitet):
Model Based IS Life Cycle management - the Case of a Defence Acquisition ERP system
T. Jonsson (Genicore AB):
Phenomenon Modeling - as Theoretical Foundation for Model Based Information Systems
H. Enquist (Göteborgs Universitet):
AMEIS - Association for Model Enabled Information Systems
T. Jonsson (Genicore AB), H. Enquist (Göteborgs Universitet):
Workshop on Research Need an Opportunities for Knowledge Collaboration on Model Driven Information
F. Kramer (Universität Kiel)
Generating logical database structures modelled with ADOxx
E. Fabritz (Universität Kiel):
Bioeconomy as a social change
Y. Kropp (Universität Kiel)
Flexible Data Management in Interdisciplinary Research Projects
B. Thalheim (Universität Kiel):
Models, To Model, Modelling -  Adequacy and Dependability of eER Models