Full-Day Tutorial
given at the 19th International Conference on Conceptual Modeling, ER'2000


"Conceptual Modeling of Internet Sites"


presented by

Bernhard Thalheim
(at that time: Brandenburg University of Technology at Cottbus, Germany) and
Klaus-Dieter Schewe
(Massey University, New Zealand)


  • Outline of the tutorial:

    • Motivation and overview
    • Story boarding
    • Media objects
    • Fine tuning of the story
    • Site production
    • Guided walk through sites

  • Schedule

    • ER'2000 Conference, Salt Lake City, October 9, 2000, 9.00am - 5.30pm
    • Pre-presentation and discussion: BTU Cottbus, 4. 10. 2000, auditory C, AudiMax, 10.30-18.00

  • More information:

The tutorial is based on the extended entity-relationship model (HERM) which allows codesign of structural, behavioral and interaction aspects for data-intensive applications.